Controls: A and D to move

800 by 600

Please  give me feedback. This is my first published game and I want to make my next games better.


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This is a good game. The idea behind it is good but when you move the car leftand right it feels robotic. Try adding an animation and easing to the car (by that i mean make it turn a bit and excelerate). Also, the second level is good, but i've died in some places where i don't hit anything, and you should have something like a warning or at least make it gradually get faster instead of suddenly speeding up. Finally, i think the music should'nt restart every time you die, because it gets really annoying. Still, this is a pretty good game and i enjoyed playing it.


I really appreciate the feedback, I've been working out some of the changes that you advised, in this update, I made it gradually get faster when it speeds up and made it playable in browser. I'm really happy that you enjoyed my game!

I played the game and it is much better. Keep up the good work!